Welcome to SLV

The founder Sten Åberg, who had previously been employed by BIMA, started the limited company in 1988, when BIMA decided to cease its own service organization. At first, Sten received all his assignments from Svensk Bilprovning, but over time, more car and truck workshops also sought SLV’s services. Over the years, we have collaborated with several Swedish general agents and dealers, which we still do today.

SLV Events

Sep -22

At the beginning of September, SLV completed a medium-sized all-car workshop in Uppsala, for one of our suppliers.

During September, SLV visited several tire workshops that ordered maintenance of their machines before the tire season. One facility chose to sign a service agreement.

March -22

In February SLV, in collaboration with one of our partners, installed a Mercedes-Benz workshop in the Stockholm region.

Feb -21

In mid-January, SLV completed our single largest project ever, on behalf of one of our largest partners. Among other things, we installed 59 car lifts for a Volvo workshop in the Stockholm region.